20 Nov 2010

Nervous and excited

I finally plucked up the courage and organisation to cut the fabric ready for piecing together of my very first proper grown-up quilt.  After unexpectedly finding time alone without Little Neet for a Saturday afternoon, I managed to get stuck in without the distraction of 'Xbox drone'.  I was very nervous, as I really want this to be perfection - if possible, so I paid meticulous attention to everything that was required including getting the sewing machine A1 perfect for the job - which is a first considering I have had it for a gazillion years and this is the most technical thing I have sewn on it!

I even managed to do my 'chain piecing' properly - Woohoo!!!!!

I did finish the first round of my 40 squares, but the light got the better of me on this very dull, dank afternoon, so I will take a piccy of them in all their freshly pressed glory and post tomorrow

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  1. Hi Nita,
    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Of course you are in the draw.