27 Nov 2010

Squares so far

As promised here are the squares so far that I have worked on for the quilt along that I am following over on That Girl - That Quilt blog.  I am now stalled on these as I am waiting for an order from the US for the next fabric.  I have tried my hardest to source this here in the UK but I had no luck at all - sorry UK fabric suppliers - and I was not going to compromise my choice for this project as  a) I want it to be as perfect as I can get it and  b) it does cost a little money to complete, and so any compromise would lead to a unhappy Neet at the end of the project.  I made this US shop as my choice to import the fabric from as they seem very popular in the Quilting World - plus they had my preferred colour of fabric.

In the meantime, whilst waiting, I am making a start on this little project.  I am using it to practise my 'skills' for quilting before attempting any big big projects.  I love, love, LOVE! the concentration and the use of brain juice that is needed to do these projects = totally absorbing.

20 Nov 2010

Nervous and excited

I finally plucked up the courage and organisation to cut the fabric ready for piecing together of my very first proper grown-up quilt.  After unexpectedly finding time alone without Little Neet for a Saturday afternoon, I managed to get stuck in without the distraction of 'Xbox drone'.  I was very nervous, as I really want this to be perfection - if possible, so I paid meticulous attention to everything that was required including getting the sewing machine A1 perfect for the job - which is a first considering I have had it for a gazillion years and this is the most technical thing I have sewn on it!

I even managed to do my 'chain piecing' properly - Woohoo!!!!!

I did finish the first round of my 40 squares, but the light got the better of me on this very dull, dank afternoon, so I will take a piccy of them in all their freshly pressed glory and post tomorrow

17 Nov 2010

Moonstitches' owls

I came across the 'tutowlrial' for these cute little owls whilst trundling around t'Internet and couldn't resist giving them a go.

16 Nov 2010

Scrappy Granny Cushion

This is a cushion that has taken ages to complete.  I wanted to do a granny square design but with a vintage 'scrappy' look.  It is all 100% pure wool with new and thrifted yarns.  When it come to making the finsihed shape I could not get the square shape of the cover - for some reason if  I 5 x 5d it, it was too snug for the cushion pad , but with the 6 x 5 layout it was perfect.  Strange???

12 Nov 2010

Granny mountain

I am finishing up my last crochet project for the foreseeable future - I am itching to go in another crafting direction.  I had the urge to make another granny throw and decided to make it with only yarns from my stash - no purchases.  So with colours-a-plenty for the squares and a deep blue to hold it all together I am making quite a decent sized throw and being 100% wool it is going to be really cosy.  I am using all the little leftover balls, thrifted bits, and even embroidery wool that has appeared along the way, so long as it is pure wool, it is being used up.  Once this is finished I want to tidy away all my yarns good and proper, out of sight, to concentrate on other stuff.  I still have SIX crochet cushion front to complete into cushions, I have all the throws I need, so crochet no more for me.

10 Nov 2010

I'm taking part

Check out the button on the sidebar for the quilt along that I am taking part in.  It is all very exciting and new for me.

Granny Stripe surprise

Little Neet snuggles up most mornings and evenings with a cosy black fleecy throw that lives on our sofa.  It is indeed a warm and snuggly blanket to keep toasty with, but.............about 2-3 years ago I started on a granny square blanket for him 'a la Cath Kidston' colourways and this has languished at the bottom of Wip
Mountain, occasionally seeing light of day, but nevertheless, always languishing at the bottom.  Well, I am in the fervent throws of whipping up another blanket at present and feel that after it is finished that my affair with all things 'granny' must come to an end for the time being. - there are so many other projects that I really, really want to put my hand to without granny distraction.  So I have decided that I WILL finish the blanket sitting at the bottom of Wip Mountain but it will appear in another guise - as a granny stripe.  The surprise will be - is that Little Neet is unaware of this blanket gift I am making for him - I just hope he gets it before he starts university (he is 9)!!!!!

2 Nov 2010

Needlecraft Heaven

The postman delivered me these two beauties this morning.  I used some 'birthday money' to treat myself to them and I have to say that every penny spent on these has been so well worth it (you know the disappointment you get when a craft book only half delivers?).

I want to do EVERY project in this book - in fact just looking at the pictures makes me want to squeal with delight!

This one is a gem - cram packed with cross stitch and embroidery projects, inspiration, stencils, charts and all done in a red, white or blue theme - beautiful.

I also spied this one after I had placed my order and I think it is an absolute must to have have in my craft book collection.

Anyway sincere apologies for the awful photos - UK daylight not being up to scratch today!