10 Nov 2010

Granny Stripe surprise

Little Neet snuggles up most mornings and evenings with a cosy black fleecy throw that lives on our sofa.  It is indeed a warm and snuggly blanket to keep toasty with, but.............about 2-3 years ago I started on a granny square blanket for him 'a la Cath Kidston' colourways and this has languished at the bottom of Wip
Mountain, occasionally seeing light of day, but nevertheless, always languishing at the bottom.  Well, I am in the fervent throws of whipping up another blanket at present and feel that after it is finished that my affair with all things 'granny' must come to an end for the time being. - there are so many other projects that I really, really want to put my hand to without granny distraction.  So I have decided that I WILL finish the blanket sitting at the bottom of Wip Mountain but it will appear in another guise - as a granny stripe.  The surprise will be - is that Little Neet is unaware of this blanket gift I am making for him - I just hope he gets it before he starts university (he is 9)!!!!!

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