24 Oct 2011

Sew Many WIPs

I have quite a few little projects on the go at present and I would like to share them with you.

I am SO enjoying stitchery stuff at present - it is my new drug!!

So I finshed a couple of pairs of 'granny slippers' so that I could put my woolly yarn and needles away to concentrate on other crafts

They are really warm and cozy and you can use up lots of  your scraps to make something quite useful or as a nice gift - you need 6 squares per slipper, just google 'granny slippers' and you will find loads of links to make these.

I am so in love with hardanger embroidery I could scream about it.  I have got my hands on a beautiful book and want to do all the projects inside!!

This is my little tilda bunny I am working on.  I have wanted to do one of these for so long and now I have the linens to make a proper job of one I couldn't wait to get started.

I worked up these little houses from a kit supplied free with Crossstitcher magazine,  They have got to be stitched up and stuffed

I am also working on my Flickr swap project for Emma, but that has to remain secret until she has received it in the next few weeks.

11 Oct 2011

Hello Again

Hello to all my readers. I have re-emerged from my Summer break, full of enthusiasm, ideas and excitement for my Winter crafting. Summer, for some reason leaves me feeling 'bleurgh' about any form of crafting and try as I might I just cannot lift a needle or stitch a stitch, my brain just says NO! Oh well.

Anyways, I am feeling very 'stitchy' at present and embroidery is calling out to me. My crochet hooks and yarn have been stashed (I have some granny slippers to photo and show you soon that I have completed) all WIPs have been abandoned for now and threads and fabrics fill my craft space.

This is what I am working on now - I am enjoying the precise nature of the stitches and the teeny tiny crosses - I am stitching on 18ct Aida!

I have also succumbed to the very addictive hardanger embroidery - I love the challenging nature of this work and the way stitches and fabric can transform into a glorious, lacy work of art.

I am also taking part in another Flickr Mini QT Swap - I am creating a mini quilt for my partner using another embroidery technique that I have dabbled with recently but I can't show or tell as it would spoil the surprise for my swap partner.

Right I am away now my little needle calls - gawd help my poor eyes!!!

Be back soon I promise ;)