14 Jan 2011

I have got the Mug Rug Bug

In case you do not know of Mug Rugs or what they are let me describe them to you.  Simply they are oversized coasters, usually rectangular in shape with an area for resting your 'mug' of whatever and a place to rest cookies, treats, lunch etc.  The ones I have made so far are the results of practice.  The green one came about from my very first attempt at making a star block and I used the finished result to construct the Mug Rug around it (I also got to practice some neat quilting.  The hexie one again was a practice piece and I have earmarked a recipient for this one (except they do not know!) The chickens is a WIP.  I had the little stitchery made eons ago and have put it to use just because.

This one is a special one.  I have joined yet another Flickr swap.  This time it's the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap.  I have a secret partner and I can make a mug rug for her with only the details of her profile, favourites, mosaic and likes to come up with a suitable design that she might love.  The term 'stalking' is used on the Flickr swaps whereby your partner is gleaning info about you without any contact with yourself.  Any questions are done through a third party which is the person known as the 'Swap Mama'.  I think it is brilliant.  If you are not familiar with Flickr and have not dug deep into the site yourself - there is a swap or interest group for virtually every subject under the Sun.  Check it out.

12 Jan 2011

Can't believe I made it

I have been one of the lucky peeps to be chosen to take part in this awesome swap over on Flickr  I consider myself to be amongst some excellent and very talented quilters in this swap and feel very challenged to produce a doll quilt that will, hopefully, look amazing and be appreciated as such by my partner.  Pop over and have a look at the work produced in the previous rounds and you will see what I mean.

10 Jan 2011

Not So Quilt Along

So I have got to the stage where I need to join the blocks together to make the top but............I am not happy with the framing of the blocks that will ultimately be the sashing also.  I can't even bring myself to 'wonk' cut the blocks - my straight brain won't allow me to (not without feeling uneasy) I am every tradesman's nightmare when it comes to 'straight' and even!

So I ordered the solid blue (Moda Azure) from Pink Chalk Fabrics and waited for it to arrive, cut it up as per quilt along instructions and stitched it to the block.  Let's remember I am a 'quilting virgin' and don't know yet how to 'think out of the box' (but I am getting there with practice).  Now, when it comes to stitching the blocks together there is going to be a seam running throughout what is technically the sashing area and I just do not like it.

So this weekend I embarked on Project Rip and ReWork.

I have decided to half the blue border width which means taking strips off some of the blocks and inserting a small white square at each intersection - it is painfully slow to make sure all the new seams are matching, but, I am pretty sure the quilt will end up as I want it to look and not some expensive 'maybe it's okay'.

(OT - I am still awaiting my lovely Ottlite but it appears to have got lost in the post and I have to wait until Wednesday to secure a refund and re-order elsewhere!!  Bugger!)

5 Jan 2011

Cushion swap

Whilst I am STILL waiting for my Ottlite to arrive ....(taps fingers) I though I would show a couple of photos I took of the cushion cover that I made for Kath of Juicy Fig blog. The swap was organised by the ladies of Dutch Sisters blog.  I am disappointed with my photography at present, seeing as I just use a point and flash camera, not something with all the bells and whistles, the light levels this last few weeks has been awful.

Ideally I would like to go back and photo them again but seeing as it is now sat on the sofa at Kath's home. that would be a problem!

I do have photos of the cushion cover that Kath sent on to me and will show that soon.  Thank you Kath.

Right, let me wish everyone a bright and happy New Year and here's to lot of cheerful and productive crafting.