12 Nov 2010

Granny mountain

I am finishing up my last crochet project for the foreseeable future - I am itching to go in another crafting direction.  I had the urge to make another granny throw and decided to make it with only yarns from my stash - no purchases.  So with colours-a-plenty for the squares and a deep blue to hold it all together I am making quite a decent sized throw and being 100% wool it is going to be really cosy.  I am using all the little leftover balls, thrifted bits, and even embroidery wool that has appeared along the way, so long as it is pure wool, it is being used up.  Once this is finished I want to tidy away all my yarns good and proper, out of sight, to concentrate on other stuff.  I still have SIX crochet cushion front to complete into cushions, I have all the throws I need, so crochet no more for me.

1 comment:

  1. Hi , just found your blog via Flickr . Love your crochet , Knitting and patchwork . It's all beautiful :0)
    Jacquie x