30 Dec 2010

Tools to go

I have got so fed up with taking shot after shot of really crappy pictures of my stuff because of the winter gloom that my relish for blogging is suffering - you take the shot, upload, sift, edit and it STILL is so not right that I have recently ordered an Ottlite lamp.  From looking around other blogs and Flickr these seem to be used quite a lot for the 'natural' lighting and colours they produce within a photograph.  So I await the postman eagerly to get on top of my WIPS and swappy stuff before I move on with them.  I have progressed a little more on my That Girl quilt and want to photo it badly. Plus I have loads of Flickr stuff that needs to go on for referencing for swaps.  Oh..........and I have got myself my OWN camera - Mr Neet got so fed with me changing the resolutions and whatnots on our shared camera - and him being TOTALLY 'gadget illiterate' that a solution of a personal camera each came about Yaaaaay - more stress free blogging for me.

Anyhow there is a very good chance I will not post again before Next Year!!  hahahah - so let me wish my readers - if I have any?? a very Happy and Productive and Creative New Year. xxx

18 Dec 2010

Prairie Points and a Bee

This is the finished quilt top complete with Prairie Points.  It is sitting waitng now for me to complete my quilt along top which should happen quite soon now, as the fabric ordered from the US is awaiting me to pick it up from the Post Office. Apologies for the dodgy photos - Arctic weather conditions aren't condusive to brilliant indoor photo shoots.

I have also joined/been accepted to take part in the awesome 3x6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee over on Flickr.  I say awesome because of the number of participants - there are 25 'beehives' with 6 members in each,  I am in #25 - I think this is because I took the plunge to join right on the point of sign up closure. I look forward to the challenge with great pleasure.

16 Dec 2010

Quilt so far

Here are some pictures of the Pinwheel Baby Quilt so far ( I have actually got the prairie points and outer sashing done now).  This will be quilted when i get the top finished for the That Girl That Quilt quilt-along - I am awaiting fabric from US to arrive to complete it.

6 Dec 2010

Granny mountain becomes a blanket

This is my 'ta-dah!' post for my granny mountain blanket.  It was finished a couple of weeks ago but I didn't get to take any shots of it.  I absolutely love it and it is by far my 'reach for' blanket of choice at present, especially in this Arctic spell we are experiencing here in the the UK at present. I finished it off with a border of 2 rows dc and a picot flourish!