22 Jan 2010

On a more serious note........

See this spot?

It turns out it is a skin cancer!  I had the spot for a few months, at the top of my thigh, on the front.  When it first appeared I just thought it was a 'spot' and it would heal itself away.  Well, it didn't and so I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, it might have been something more insidious and so I tackled it head on.  I made an appointment with my GP to take a look at it and perhaps give me a definitive yes or no or a reason for this 'spot'.  The GP couldn't say and so a hospital referral was made for me.

At the hospital, a dermatologist looked at it and again couldn't say definately what it was.  So a biopsy was booked.
This involves removing some, or, all of the spot.  For my appointment, the whole spot was removed under local anaesthetic and 6 stitches inserted into the cut.  The removed area was then taken for a check under the microscope to ascertain whether it was a skin cancer, and, if so, what type, and if all of it had been removed.

At my follow-up the consultant has advised me that it was a skin cancer, but one of the easiest to treat, if caught early.  They have removed all of the cancer cells associated with the spot and that is the end of that one....... BUT..........I asked him to check my shoulders for some 'sun-spots' I wanted looking at and whilst he did that he found ANOTHER spot/area that he was concerned about!! Eeek!  So whilst I was there a biopsy nurse took a tiny 'punch biopsy' from this area and it is being checked as I type this.  Depending on the result it might have to be removed completely or treated with a special cream.

So readers, please be careful out in that beautiful sun.  Wear a high factor suncream - 30 or above, stay in the shade during the hottest parts of the day and please, please, mummies and daddies - don't let your children get burnt by the sun.  Unfortunately my damage is done and I will have to live with it's effects but I can certainly preach about the dangers now,

21 Jan 2010


I decided I needed to tackle something challenge myself.  I love crocheting my granny squares and hexagons, but I could do these in my sleep now.  I don't know what made me fall on a socks pattern, absolutely no idea, but anyhow, this is what I have done.  It's not through a shortage of yarn either.  These are using some of my DK stash.

The pattern comes from an old edition of Lets Knit magazine.

Well they seemed to turn out okay, even with all the colour changes - even if I say so myself!

These are slouchy socks or house socks.  A perfect fit and so warm and comfy.

The next pair are already on the needles, there is so much inspiration out there>>>>>>>>
I am officially addicted!!!

6 Jan 2010

Lazy blogger

I have no excuses for my tardiness in producing any blogworthy news apart from the fact that I have felt a little lazy about hitting the Blogger button.  This stems from the last attempt at making a post which seemed to take  f o r e v e r  thanks to the foibles of Blogger and somehow I don't seem to have time in my days to get stuck on the PC tackling this job.  I have been busy during my idle hours (very usually between the hours of 7.00pm and 9pm when the days chores are over and I can switch off from the demands of the home and family.

I sorted out some yarns that were going to sit about not being created into masterpieces anytime soon and rustled up a stash/project bag a la Attic24.

The yarns were purchased when I started crafting once again about a couple of years ago.  They never made the project they were intended for, but now I am really happy with their purpose.  I used some 4ply yarn, doubled, plus a couple of dk colours thrown in and ta dah!

I have been stocking up on my yarn stash (photos to follow soon) prior to beating the minor VAT increase. (Thanks Mr Darling!)

I can't seem to resist a hexagon nowadays and this is going to be an afghan, don't know how big, I will just go with the flow until it feels right.

I really, really REALLY can't decide whether to frog this afghan!!.  This was my project last winter and took weeks to complete.  The yarn is beautiful 100% wool, it weighs a LOT and I still have not finished tying off the ends at the back.  I really can't decide what to do, but I know I am not in love with it for some reason.  I am fancying using the yarn to 'hex' it up with some different colours.

I have got two other aghan WIPs that I keep dipping in and out of, three cushion covers to complete and a hand-sewn English paper-pieced patchwork to tackle, so a busy Spring is ahead just trying to clear out the WIP cupboard.

Now do you understand why I feel 'time-pressured' for blogging?

Just thought I'd mention that we have had a teeny-weeny bit of snow too!

All that leaves me to do on this post is to say Happy New Year to all my readers and visitors and may all your days be filled with hooky, knitty, crafty goodness.