14 Jan 2011

I have got the Mug Rug Bug

In case you do not know of Mug Rugs or what they are let me describe them to you.  Simply they are oversized coasters, usually rectangular in shape with an area for resting your 'mug' of whatever and a place to rest cookies, treats, lunch etc.  The ones I have made so far are the results of practice.  The green one came about from my very first attempt at making a star block and I used the finished result to construct the Mug Rug around it (I also got to practice some neat quilting.  The hexie one again was a practice piece and I have earmarked a recipient for this one (except they do not know!) The chickens is a WIP.  I had the little stitchery made eons ago and have put it to use just because.

This one is a special one.  I have joined yet another Flickr swap.  This time it's the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap.  I have a secret partner and I can make a mug rug for her with only the details of her profile, favourites, mosaic and likes to come up with a suitable design that she might love.  The term 'stalking' is used on the Flickr swaps whereby your partner is gleaning info about you without any contact with yourself.  Any questions are done through a third party which is the person known as the 'Swap Mama'.  I think it is brilliant.  If you are not familiar with Flickr and have not dug deep into the site yourself - there is a swap or interest group for virtually every subject under the Sun.  Check it out.


  1. I'm liking the mug rug idea, very good and yours are beautiful. I especially like the pink hexes.

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