10 Jan 2011

Not So Quilt Along

So I have got to the stage where I need to join the blocks together to make the top but............I am not happy with the framing of the blocks that will ultimately be the sashing also.  I can't even bring myself to 'wonk' cut the blocks - my straight brain won't allow me to (not without feeling uneasy) I am every tradesman's nightmare when it comes to 'straight' and even!

So I ordered the solid blue (Moda Azure) from Pink Chalk Fabrics and waited for it to arrive, cut it up as per quilt along instructions and stitched it to the block.  Let's remember I am a 'quilting virgin' and don't know yet how to 'think out of the box' (but I am getting there with practice).  Now, when it comes to stitching the blocks together there is going to be a seam running throughout what is technically the sashing area and I just do not like it.

So this weekend I embarked on Project Rip and ReWork.

I have decided to half the blue border width which means taking strips off some of the blocks and inserting a small white square at each intersection - it is painfully slow to make sure all the new seams are matching, but, I am pretty sure the quilt will end up as I want it to look and not some expensive 'maybe it's okay'.

(OT - I am still awaiting my lovely Ottlite but it appears to have got lost in the post and I have to wait until Wednesday to secure a refund and re-order elsewhere!!  Bugger!)


  1. Just wanted to let you know I got your hexie flower and love it! Thank you:)

    Love the colors you picked in your quilt along project. I had an issue with the wonky thing at first, but it really does turn out nice. Good luck!

  2. You have far more patience than I will ever have!
    If you love your precision quilt making - have you ever looked into "foundation Piecing"? It is about the best and easiest way to make increadibly acurate quilts.

    Can't wait to see it finished

  3. I think the change that you're making is fantastic! I tagged you over on my blog - go check it out.

  4. Oh My--I came to visit by way of Sunny's post today--and I love your blog site and on top of that your Jesse cat looks almost like my Gracie cat--except Gracie has a little golden patch on her left chin--you will have to "pop" over and have a look at her!!
    I will be back--