3 Feb 2011

I'm not blogging..........I'm SWAPPING!

I have really caught the Swap Bug of late.  It is rather nice though, making little bits of art for other people, strangers even!  I am now participating in 5 in total - all Flickr swaps.

Number One is the Doll Quilt Swap - fondly known as DQS10 and here is my work so far.

I am a bit further along now with the construction but I don't want to give too much away by posting pics
We can't post the quilts out until the middle of March at the earliest so I have plenty of time to make it lovely, not that it isn't already.

Number Two swap is the 3x6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee.  This involves a group of 7 making a quilt block for the other 6 members.  I choose the design for the block and all 6 have to be the same but the member (or 'Beemate') chooses her colour scheme.  The idea being that at the end of a 12 month period you will have 24 blocks each and everyone different, made by someone else but in your chosen colourscheme.

Here are my blocks I have made for my 'beehive'.  (There are 25 'beehives' taking part in this, so that is a lorra, lorra swappers!

Number Three is the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap.  This is coming to completion now and we will be posting out mid-February.  It is a huge swap group, with secret partners, which is lovely because it keeps up an air of excitement, anticipation, lots of speculation and barrowloads of 'rug envy'.

Here is my completed rug.

Number Four swap is the Mini QT Swap.  This has just started, like yesterday, so no work has been done yet, except for some serious brain straining over a design.  These little quilts are just 12" square and the theme for this swap is 3D.  We have got to incorporate little embellishments, sticky out bits and other nicies on this art quilt. This swap is much smaller in numbers and I am partnered with Diane from Taiwan!!

Number Five is the Scrappy Pincushion Swap, again this has just started and will be a secret swap, where we don't know who is making for us, but we know know our partner?  Again lots of brain straining with ideas for this is taking place as their are some gorgeous mini works of art in this Group.

So at present  any spare hours of the days finds me feverishly sewing, snipping or ironing for these swaps.  I love participating in them as I really enjoy crafting but I don't necessarily need items for myself or have particular projects to craft for (that is why the crochet got a bit bleurgh for me, I have a pile of cushion covers sitting in a cupboard! for no particular reason!) so swaps are ideal platforms to create in, plus you get to chat with like-minded souls in the 'discussion' areas of the Swap Groups.  If you have not ventured over there yet, pop in and have a look, there may be something for you to join in too.

Finally, as a really big footnote - can I say a huge Thank You' to all of you who come to view and read and leave lovely comments on my blog.  I DO read them and appreciate them even more so, I'm just a bit of a lazy mare when it comes to replying! ((blushes)

I am away now to see if there are anymore swaps I can join!!!


  1. Aren't swaps fun? I belong to several myself. Love everything you shared with today. If you are looking for another swap the Block Swap Adventure is always accepting new members. You can find it at http://blockswapadventure2.blogspot.com/

  2. Oooh, gorgeous colours and shapes! I am having a swap free year (well, I say that now....)

  3. Well Kath, it is ONLY the start of February. Plenty of time for the swap bug to attack.