5 Jan 2011

Cushion swap

Whilst I am STILL waiting for my Ottlite to arrive ....(taps fingers) I though I would show a couple of photos I took of the cushion cover that I made for Kath of Juicy Fig blog. The swap was organised by the ladies of Dutch Sisters blog.  I am disappointed with my photography at present, seeing as I just use a point and flash camera, not something with all the bells and whistles, the light levels this last few weeks has been awful.

Ideally I would like to go back and photo them again but seeing as it is now sat on the sofa at Kath's home. that would be a problem!

I do have photos of the cushion cover that Kath sent on to me and will show that soon.  Thank you Kath.

Right, let me wish everyone a bright and happy New Year and here's to lot of cheerful and productive crafting.


  1. Hiya - I am LOVING my cushion thank you so much again!
    I have taken loads of photo's (know what you mean about the poor light!) and will be blogging about the swap soon.


  2. Kath - I am like this > :( at the moment - I have lots to blog about but want some half decent piccies to illustrate as well. I am willing the postman to bring my Ottlite.

  3. Love the cushion cover! I've been admiring the hexies in your header, is this the result?

  4. Hi Sunny

    Yes the same hexies. I made a whole heap of them and stitch them together without any real project in mind. When this swap came up I thought it was perfect to use them for a whole cushion front. Now I am continuing with another sheet of them to make a doll quilt. They are just perfect for a bit of mindless stitchery, but very addictive too!