7 Mar 2010

Stripy project finished

My stripy project was this cushion.  I rather fancied this colour scheme for a little area where the chair normally sits.  I rippled in stripes until the piece was big enough to go around the cushion pad in one piece, then joined the seams and top to bottom edges.


  1. Hi, I thought it about time I visited some fellow 20 minuters. So glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have seen your ripple cushion, those scrumptious macaroons and your diagonal box crochet and everything else. I was pleased to see the box crochet as I have seen something similiar on Sarah London's blog, and I was wondering how it was done. So thank you.

  2. very smart. goes very well with the chair, perfect.

  3. That's a perfect picture!
    Well done!!!

  4. Hello!
    Just found you via Flickr and boy is it a small world! As I was browsing your lovely blog I saw that you were from Aston! I'm from Erdington,just up the road!!
    Now I live in Witney Oxfordshire but I'm always popping back to see family!
    You have a gorgeous blog and I'm so envious of your crochet skills, I can't even get my tension right!
    I shall be back another day!
    Rachel x

  5. Hi I found your blog and think that your crochet work is beautiful! I have an award for you on my blog!:0)