5 Mar 2010

Macawrongs or Macarights!


 Almond Macarons.

Truly inspiring inspiration for these beauties/works of art can be found here.  After being nosey and  searching the Web for them, I understand that they can become a little bit of an obsession once you embark on making them.  But there certainly lots and lots of glorious examples to live up to. 

I can hear my ground almonds calling me from the kitchen cupboard!

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  1. Hi Nita!
    THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and leaving your very sweet comment! I so appreciate it! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your sugar flowers and designs...when are you going to start posting them? I would love to stay in touch with you - and compare notes and stories!! Please let me know where I can reach you - my email is:


    Your macaron photos are gorgeous!! Would love to make some of these too...but so many other things are ahead of them on my list!! Looking forward to connecting with you!