7 Feb 2010

Sock love #2

These socks can become very, verrrrry addictive.  There is some real nice pleasure in knitting them and being able to wear them with pride and very real satisfaction.
I don't know anything about the main yarn, it was a thrift shop find but it knits up as 4ply and has some mohair content.  They are beautifully soft and cosy to wear.  I knitted the cuff, heel and toes in some off white 4ply 100% wool yarn to make sure I had enough yarn for the main body.  I am using the Wise Hilda Basic Ribbed Sock pattern at present, it is so easy to follow and there is nothing complicated about it at all for a sock novice.

So now that pair is finished I am onto Sock Love #3

These are going to be for Mr Neet.  I am using Regia Design Line for these, a self-striping yarn.  Hopefully they will be finished for February 14th, just in time for Valentines Day, knitted with love as they say.

I have got one more pair that I have planned and they are going to be my 'scrappy socks', as in, knitted with any bits of 4ply yarn I have that work together.  Then...............................I may just indulge my growing love and splash out on some swishy sock yarn (read 'expensive') and tackle a more challenging pattern, after all there are a gazillion of them out there on t'internet.

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  1. I made my very first pair of socks using the Regia in that same colour. I wear them as slippers when we go camping! I do like the rib pattern.