27 Nov 2009

Felt ball delight

Take a selection of 100% pure wool (or any yarn that will felt if washed without special care or rovings especially for the purpose).

Wind into a ball, not too loose nor very tight. Here I used a bit of thicker yarn in the centre as the mohair I was using was very fine.

Wind into a nice ball that holds it shape well. I get to the size of a walnut, but you may prefer something larger or tinier (especially if you want beads)

Here are some more made using Garnstudio Drops Eskimo which is brilliant for felting.

Now felt the balls using the 'hand' method. You can use special needles to dry felt, but this way is very satisfying and relaxing. There are lots of very good tutorials out there on the Web describing this process.

Place the wet balls on a rack or something similiar to aid drying. Once they have dripped to the point of being damp, I place them along the back of a radiator and let it do its job.

Once dry you can sit back and admire your handiwork.......

Or you can get busy decorating and let your imagination run away with you.
These are destined for my Christmas tree.

Happy felting!

(PS- hopefully Blogger will allow me to post next time when I want instead of making me wait a week!! Grrrrr!)

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