5 Nov 2009

Crochet cushion cover

This is a WIP that I picked up the other day that had languished all Summer in the Dreaded Craft Cupboard. I had made about half the squares but decided to rip them all out and start afresh.

I HATE this part of crochet work! It is always a dread at the thought of getting stuck in with sewing and snipping (I'm pretty sure I am not alone with those thoughts?)

BUT once it is done and you have the completed item, all horrible thoughts slip away.

I now have to look for a white cotton cushion cover to attach this to and I am also thinking white or multi-coloured pom-pom fringing around the edge also? I have searched t'Internet but not come up with anything, so any UK-based help would be appreciated?

1 comment:

  1. That is lovely Neet.
    Its good to see you back and blogging, i have had time away too.

    Love and hugs.
    X x X x X x X