7 Dec 2009

Hello Hexagons!

I have finally succumbed and tackled my first hexagon

I used the brilliant tutorial over here to get to grips with it. Be warned though, DO NOT enter the link if you CAN'T crochet or...... if you CAN, you will be doomed to a winter of fantastic inspiration, very addictive projects and some lovely sunny banter from Lucy.

Of course, now I have done my first hexagon I couldn't stop at that could I? So now there is a project in the making using only stash yarn (this is my goal this Winter - to craft with as little expense as needed).


  1. That is going to be a beautiful Afghan. Do you have a www.ravelry.com account? if so, my user id is haleyjune102005. you should find me :)

  2. I love your works!
    this blanket is beautiful!